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Electrical Outlet Types


Choosing the right electrical outlet type for your home may seem like a simple task, but it can actually be quite overwhelming. From traditional two-pronged outlets to modern smart outlets, the options are endless. But before you dive into this decision, it’s important to understand the different types of outlets available, their uses, and what would be most suitable for your specific needs.

As a homeowner in the zip code 02908 Elmhurst Providence County, Rhode Island, you want to ensure that your home is equipped with the best electrical outlets to meet your daily needs. That’s where B&K Electric comes in. We are a family-owned and operated electrical business based in Warwick, RI, and have been proudly serving the residents of Cranston, Warwick, and all of Rhode Island for over seventeen years. Our team of expert electricians specializes in electrical repair, panel maintenance, and installation, making us the go-to electrician for your home or business.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various types of electrical outlets and their uses, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to updating or installing outlets in your home.

Standard Outlets (Type A and B)

The most commonly used electrical outlets in the United States are known as type A and B outlets. They are characterized by two flat vertical prongs, with the third being a round grounding pin. The type A outlet has a 15-amp and 120-volt capacity, while the type B outlet has a 20-amp and 120-volt capacity. The only difference between the two is the size of the prongs, with the type B being slightly larger for higher capacity electronic devices.

These outlets are suitable for most household appliances, like lamps, TVs, and chargers. However, they are not recommended for high-power appliances such as washers, dryers, and air conditioners, which may require a dedicated circuit and a different outlet type.

As a homeowner in Elmhurst, Providence County, you may want to consider upgrading to type B outlets, as they provide higher capacity and can handle more current, making them more versatile and future-proof for technology advancements.

Decora Outlets (Type A and B)

Decora outlets, also known as decorator outlets, are a modern twist on the traditional type A and B outlets. They feature a rectangular shape with rounded edges, and a single button in the center to turn the outlet on and off. They are available in both type A and B variants, with the same capacities as standard outlets.

These outlets have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their sleek and modern design. They are ideal for homes with a contemporary design aesthetic, and also offer a higher level of safety as they only require one push to shut off all the outlets on the circuit.

Smart Outlets (Type A)

As technology continues to advance, so do our electrical outlets. Smart outlets, also known as Wi-Fi outlets, are the latest trend in home automation. They work by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network and allowing you to control them remotely using a mobile app or voice commands.

Smart outlets are available in type A variant and are capable of handling the same 15-amp and 120-volt capacity as a standard outlet. However, what sets them apart is the ability to turn them on or off, and even set schedules or timers, all from your smartphone or with voice commands through a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

These outlets are perfect for homeowners in Elmhurst, Providence County, who want to have more control over their household devices and save energy by being able to turn them off when not in use. They can also be beneficial for those with limited mobility, as they eliminate the need to physically turn off appliances.

USB Outlets (Type A and C)

Where almost every device charges through USB ports, USB outlets have become a staple in most homes. These outlets feature vertical and horizontal slots, providing the convenience of charging your devices directly without the need for adapters.

Type A USB outlets provide a 15-amp, 120-volt capacity, while type C USB outlets offer a higher 20-amp and 120-volt capacity. Type C outlets are also known as USB-C outlets, and are designed to handle more power, making them suitable for charging larger devices like laptops and tablets.

USB outlets are an excellent addition to your home, especially in high traffic areas like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. They can also be lifesavers when you have guests over and everyone needs to charge their devices simultaneously.

GFCI Outlets (Type A and B)

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are a must-have in rooms where water is present, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. These outlets have a built-in circuit breaker that quickly shuts off the power when it detects an overload or current leakage, preventing electrical shocks and potential fires.

Type A and B GFCI outlets have the same design as standard outlets, but feature a Test and Reset button on the face. They are available in 15-amp and 20-amp capacities and are essential for ensuring the safety of your family and home.

B&K Electric: Your Trusted Electrical Partner in Warwick and the Greater Providence Area

When it comes to electrical outlets, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s essential to assess your specific needs and consult with a professional before making any upgrades or installations. As a homeowner in Elmhurst, Providence County, you can trust B&K Electric to provide expert advice and top-notch services for all your electrical needs. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service, ensuring your home is safe and equipped with the best electrical outlets for your specific needs.


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