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Landscape & Security Lighting Services in Cranston and Warwick, RI

In addition to creating a beautiful, ambient outdoor living space, landscape and security lighting also offer security and protection features. Motion-sensor lighting can discourage prowlers and vandals, and even scare away animals who come to forage in your garden or trash. Security lighting also makes it easier for you to see outside in the dark if you hear a strange noise. Additional lighting around your house can also improve the quality of your outdoor security cameras, as they won’t have to rely as heavily on night-vision features. At B&K Electric, we provide professional outdoor landscape and security lighting in Cranston & Warwick, RI. Learn more about the features of our landscape lighting systems, types of outdoor security lighting you can choose, and landscape lighting ideas. To schedule a consultation for security lighting installation, just call us today.

Features of Our Landscape Lighting

We offer customizable landscape lighting and security lighting options that meet the individual needs of each customer. We specialize in indoor and outdoor security lighting, as well as decorative and ambient outdoor lighting for front and back yards, gardens, patios, outdoor living spaces, and pools, spas, and other water features. Before we install your landscape lighting, we’ll visit your home to get a sense of the space and your needs. We’ll also discuss your landscape lighting ideas and security lighting needs to ensure we incorporate everything you want. We specialize in the installation of:

Benefits of Landscape & Security Lighting

Landscape lighting can extend your living and entertainment space outside, so guests can enjoy talking, eating, drinking, and relaxing in the beautiful outdoors. Landscape lighting can also improve safety, highlight plants, gardens, and landscape decor, and make your home appear more inviting and welcoming. Security lighting improves overall safety and security, deters prowlers and animals, and makes it easier to see what’s going on outside at night. Our customers have highlighted these primary benefits of landscape and security lighting we’ve installed for them:

  • improved security
  • enhanced use of outdoor spaces
  • better ambience
  • more inviting and welcoming
  • increased curb appeal and property value
  • great return on investment
  • greater enjoyment of pool and spa areas
  • helps security cameras function better at night

Protecting Your Home with Landscape & Security Lighting

Traditional, low-voltage, solar, and landscape lighting can make a huge difference in deterring crime and discouraging prowlers. Here’s a look at the most common types of outdoor security lighting and how each one might benefit your overall home security:

  • Continuous lighting – Continuous security lighting offers great projection and controlled lighting. It is considered a barrier light that is effective for lighting boundaries and illuminating areas that present security concerns, like garage doors, dark corners, and small passageways. It offers precise control over where the light hits, but shouldn’t be used near residential windows or in places where the light would bother anyone.
  • Emergency lighting – Emergency lighting is lighting that is activated during a power outage and illuminates safe exit points or improves safety when regular electricity can’t be used.
  • Moveable lighting – Moveable lighting is manually operated and offers additional lighting on an as-needed basis; for instance, adding work lights to a dark yard or garage so you can work on a project at night.
  • Stand-by lighting – Stand-by lighting is another type of outdoor security lighting that is continuous but used automatically or manually on an as-needed basis. This could include pool lights that are only used during a party or when someone is in the pool at night.

You can also choose between motion-sensor lights, timed lights, floodlights, landscape lighting, and HID security lights.

  • Motion-sensor – Motion-sensor or motion-activated lights turn on only when they sense activity in a specified area or activity zone. They can typically be adjusted to low, medium, or high sensitivity, and should indicate how many feet or meters the activity zone is. This type of outdoor security lighting is perfect for deterring prowlers and spooking animals, and can also alert you and your neighbors if someone is in your yard at night. Because they only turn on at night when there is motion, they are energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Timed lights – This is any type of outdoor security light that operates on a timer or schedule. This may include smart lights or lights that are plugged into a central hub with a timing feature. You can schedule the lights to go on and off at dusk and sunrise, or between specific hours of each day depending on the sophistication of the timer. Smart timed lights can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet.
  • Floodlights – Floodlights are very bright lights that illuminate a specific area of the house or yard that might be dangerous or susceptible to criminal activity. You can use floodlights along the side of your home, at dark entryways or passageways, in your yard, around your pool, or at your porch or garage. Floodlights can also be motion-sensor and/or operate on a timer.
  • Landscape lighting – Landscape lighting is softer, more ambient light that is used to illuminate, highlight, and draw attention to certain areas of your landscaping. Landscape lighting can also highlight the walkway or pathway that guests can use to walk through your yard or garden. Landscape lighting is often solar-powered.
  • HID security lights – HID security lights are high-intensity discharge lights that act as great outdoor security lighting for large pieces of land or fields. They shine further than floodlights and aren’t best for residential homes, but work great on ranches, farm land, and commercial properties.

Contact Us Today for Security Lighting in Cranston & Warwick

If you’re interested in learning more about the best type of outdoor security lighting in Warwick or Cranston, RI, contact us at B&K Electric. Our experienced technicians can evaluate your needs, discuss your landscape lighting ideas and budget, and help you choose the perfect landscape and security lighting for your home. Just call us today or contact us online.

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