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New Construction Electrical Services in Cranston and Warwick, RI

When you begin construction on a new home, you’ll need to hire an electrician to install new wiring and electricity throughout the home. Professional electrical services ensure your home is built up to code and according to all local zoning and building laws, and will also keep you and your family safe. Much of the electrical wiring for new construction will be completed before or while walls are being built and constructed in the home, so the electrician has full access to everything. At B&K Electric, our technicians are fully licensed with years of experience in electrical wiring for new construction in Cranston and Warwick, RI. If you need new construction electrical ideas or wiring tips for new construction, call us today.

Professional Electrical Repairs

In addition to providing professional electrical wiring for new construction, we also offer electrical repairs and maintenance for homeowners. You may not notice something is wrong until you experience an electrical problem in your home, but you can be proactive and evaluate your electrical systems regularly to ensure there aren’t any problems. We can give you a professional assessment of your electrical system and let you know if we notice any areas of improvement or safety issues. Our electrical repair services in Warwick and Cranston, RI include:

  • installation of new circuits and wiring
  • maintenance of electrical panels and fixtures
  • repairing damage from storms, cut wires, faulty outlets, and more

We also offer emergency electrical services if your home’s electricity has gone out, a fuse has blown, the electrical breakers have short-circuited, and more. We can evaluate and investigate strange smells and sparks, dimming lights, and unusual power outages. Call us for emergency electrical services if you need:

  • re-wiring
  • electrical fixture repair
  • evaluation of overloaded circuits
  • repair of fuses, switches, and damaged outlets

Electrical Services for Residential Builders

If you’re a residential builder who needs professional electrical wiring for new construction, our experienced electrical technicians at B&K Electric can help. Our fully licensed team offers exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Phases of Electrical Construction

Installing electrical wiring in a new building requires several phases of work, some of which are completed before the walls are fully erected in a new building. Here are the five main phases of electrical construction in a new building:

  • Phase one – Sometimes called the “wet phase” of electrical wiring, this is when a temporary electric conduit is established. The concentration is on the building’s foundation and may require use of a generator to access a temporary power source. This electrical conduit is also used for plumbing and drain purposes.
  • Phase two – This phase is known as the rough-in phase. Once the building’s flooring and other features are installed, our electrical technicians will work on the circuit writing and install all lighting like exhaust fans, soffits, and cans. All security and entertainment wiring is also done during this phase and will revolve under the sheetrock.
  • Phase three – This phase occurs once the sheetrock is in place. We will install temporary lighting and temperature control systems.
  • Phase four – Phase four is the finish, when all of the biggest changes come together. We will install permanent lighting, ceiling, floor, and cabinet lighting, and external electrical items.
  • Phase five – This is the modifications phase, where your contractor will test everything to make sure it’s operating safely and effectively. Your contractor and electrical technician will check for miswirings and find out if you want to add on any electrical outlets in wall mounts.

During each of these phases, we will communicate with you about what to expect. Your electrical technician will also let you know when it’s the last chance to make any changes to interior and exterior wiring and outlets.

Contact Us Today for Electrical Wiring for New Construction

If you’re interested in learning more about electrical wiring for new construction in Warwick and Cranston, RI, contact us today at B&K Electric. We have a full staff of experienced, knowledgeable electrical technicians standing by to provide full electrical installation, repairs, maintenance, breaker repair, circuit wiring, electrical improvements, and more. To schedule an initial consultation or assessment, just call us today or contact us online.

Call us today for residential services!