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Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures


Parking lot lighting may not always be at the top of a business owner’s priority list. However, it is a crucial element in creating a safe and secure environment for customers and employees alike. In fact, proper lighting not only enhances safety and security, but it can also improve the overall appearance of a commercial property.

As a homeowner in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Providence County, Rhode Island, you may be looking to improve the lighting in your commercial parking lot. And with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right lighting fixtures for your business.

At B&K Electric, we understand the importance of proper lighting in commercial spaces. As a family-owned and operated electrical business based in Warwick, Rhode Island, we have been providing top-notch electrical services to the residents of Cranston, Warwick and all of Rhode Island for over seventeen years. Our team of experienced electricians specializes in electrical repair, panel maintenance, and installation, making us the go-to electrician for homes and businesses in the Warwick area and the greater Providence area.

We know that as a business owner, you may not have the time or energy to research and understand all the different types of commercial parking lot lighting fixtures. That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll discuss the various types of lighting fixtures available, their benefits and drawbacks, and help you make an informed decision for your business.

Types of Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures

1. LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED lights have become the go-to option for many commercial properties due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. LED lights produce a bright light that resembles natural daylight, making them ideal for outdoor spaces such as parking lots. They also have a low maintenance cost and do not emit harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of fading on your property’s exterior surfaces.

However, LED lights can have a higher upfront cost compared to other lighting options. They also tend to have a harsher glare, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

2. High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)

HPS lights have been the standard for outdoor lighting for many years. They produce a warm yellow light, making them a popular choice for parking lots. They are also relatively energy-efficient and have a lower upfront cost compared to LED lights.

However, HPS lights have a shorter lifespan and require frequent bulb replacements, increasing maintenance costs over time. They also emit more heat and can be a fire hazard if not installed and maintained properly.

3. Metal Halide (MH)

Metal halide lights produce a bright white light, making them an appealing choice for outdoor spaces. They have a lower energy consumption compared to HPS lights and have a longer lifespan.

However, metal halide lights have a longer warm-up time, meaning they take a few minutes to reach their full brightness. They also tend to have a higher upfront cost compared to HPS lights.

4. Induction Lights

Induction lights are similar to fluorescent lights, but they have a longer lifespan and are more energy-efficient. They also produce a bright white light, making them suitable for commercial parking lots.

However, induction lights may not be a cost-effective option for smaller parking lots due to their higher upfront cost. They also tend to have a longer warm-up time, much like metal halide lights.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Fixture

1. Brightness and Coverage

When choosing a lighting fixture for your commercial parking lot, the first aspect to consider is the level of brightness and coverage needed. This will largely depend on the size of your parking lot and the surrounding area.

For larger parking lots, LED lights are the most suitable option as they have a bright and uniform light distribution, providing maximum coverage. For smaller parking lots, HPS or MH lights may be sufficient due to their lower upfront cost.

2. Energy Efficiency

As a business owner, it’s crucial to keep energy costs in mind when choosing a lighting option for your parking lot. LED lights are the most energy-efficient option, with the ability to save up to 80% in energy costs compared to traditional lighting. HPS and MH lights also have lower energy consumption compared to older lighting options.

3. Maintenance and Lifespan

Maintenance and lifespan directly affect the overall cost and convenience of a lighting option. LED lights have a longer lifespan, require minimal maintenance, and have lower replacement costs compared to other lighting options.

4. Aesthetics and Security

The type of lighting fixture you choose can also impact the appearance and security of your commercial property. LED lights provide a bright and clear light that enhances overall security, while also adding a modern and sleek look to a parking lot. However, HPS lights can create a warm and inviting ambiance, making them a popular choice for businesses such as restaurants and hotels.


Proper lighting in a commercial parking lot is crucial for the safety, security, and appearance of any business. Choosing the right type of lighting fixture can be a daunting task, but it is essential to consider factors such as brightness, energy efficiency, lifespan, and aesthetics.

At B&K Electric, we are committed to providing top-notch electrical services to our community. Our team of experienced electricians can help you choose the best lighting option for your commercial parking lot, based on your specific needs and budget. Trust us to provide efficient and reliable electrical services for your home or business in the Warwick area and the greater Providence area.


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