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Ceiling Fan Repair Near Me


Are you tired of searching for a reliable and trustworthy electrician to fix your ceiling fan? Look no further because B&K Electric, located in Warwick, RI, is here to serve all your electrical needs. As a family-owned and operated business, B&K Electric takes pride in providing excellent customer service and being an integral part of the community. Our team of licensed electricians have been proudly serving the residents of Cranston, Warwick, and the greater Providence area for over seventeen years. We specialize in electrical repair, panel maintenance, and installation, making us your go-to electrician for all your home or business needs.

Located in the zip code 02907 area of Cranston, B&K Electric is conveniently located for all your electrical needs. With our commitment to customer service and extensive experience in the field, we guarantee top-quality work that will leave you satisfied and worry-free. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that they can count on us for all their future electrical needs.

Why Choose B&K Electric?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy electrician can seem like an overwhelming task. There are numerous electrical companies out there, but what sets B&K Electric apart is our commitment to excellence and community. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians are trained to handle any electrical issue, big or small, with the utmost care and professionalism. We understand the importance of having a functional and safe electrical system in your home, and we strive to provide top-notch services at affordable rates.

At B&K Electric, we value our clients and their time, which is why we offer efficient and timely services. We understand that electrical issues can arise at any time, and that’s why we provide 24/7 emergency services. Our team arrives on time, equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

Electrical Repair Services

At B&K Electric, our licensed electricians have the expertise and experience to repair all types of electrical problems, from simple wiring issues to complex electrical malfunctions. We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the root cause of the issue and provide efficient and effective solutions. Whether it’s a faulty switch, a malfunctioning circuit, or a short-circuited wire, our team will diagnose and repair the problem in no time.

Electrical Panel Maintenance and Installation

The electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It controls the distribution of electricity throughout your house, and it’s crucial to ensure its proper functioning. Our team at B&K Electric specializes in electrical panel maintenance and installation, ensuring that your home’s electrical system runs smoothly and safely. We also offer panel upgrades to meet your increasing energy needs, ensuring that your home stays up to date with the latest technology.

Home and Business Electrical Services

B&K Electric is your one-stop-shop for all your residential and commercial electrical needs in Warwick and the greater Providence area. We offer a wide range of services, including lighting installations, outlet repairs and installations, rewiring, and much more. We also provide electrical services for new construction, renovations, and additions, ensuring that your home or business is equipped with a safe and efficient electrical system.

Why Electrical Maintenance Is Important

As a homeowner, it’s essential to invest in regular electrical maintenance to ensure the safety and functionality of your home. Regular inspections and maintenance can identify potential issues before they escalate and can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. At B&K Electric, we offer comprehensive electrical maintenance services to keep your home’s electrical system in top shape.

Concluding concepts

Searching for a reliable and trustworthy electrician in Cranston and Providence, Rhode Island, can be a daunting task. That’s where B&K Electric comes in. As a family-owned and operated business, we are committed to providing top-quality electrical services to our community. With over seventeen years of experience, we are your go-to electrician for all your electrical needs, specializing in repair, panel maintenance, and installation. Contact us today for all your electrical needs and experience top-notch services from our team of licensed and experienced electricians.


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