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Federal Pacific Electric Panel Insurance


The United States housing market has been on the rise, with more homeowners purchasing or building their dream homes. Along with the excitement of creating a comfortable and safe living space, there comes the responsibility of proper maintenance and care. One crucial aspect of home ownership is ensuring that the electrical system is up to date and functioning correctly. For homeowners in Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, this means being aware of the potential hazards of having a Federal Pacific Electric panel and the importance of securing adequate insurance coverage.

B&K Electric, a family-owned and operated electrical business based in Warwick, RI, understands the importance of providing quality service not only for its customers but also for the entire community. We have been proudly serving the residents of Cranston, Warwick, and all of Rhode Island for over seventeen years, specializing in electrical repair, panel maintenance, and installation. Our team of experienced electricians is here to ensure the safety and well-being of your home and family by offering expert guidance on Federal Pacific Electric panel insurance.

What is a Federal Pacific Electric panel?

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) was a popular manufacturer of electrical panels in the United States from the 1950s to the 1980s. These panels were commonly installed in residential properties across the country, becoming a standard for many homes of that era. The panels were known for their compact size, affordability, and ease of installation, making them a popular choice for builders and homeowners.

However, concerns soon arose about the safety and reliability of these panels. The main issue with FPE panels is that they were found to have defects in their design, making them prone to failures and malfunctions. These defects could potentially lead to electrical fires, electrocution, or other hazardous situations.

In the 1980s, FPE was investigated for these safety concerns, and it was discovered that they had falsified test results to mislead the public and regulatory authorities. As a result, FPE was forced to shut down operations, leaving homeowners with these panels in a precarious situation.

Why is Federal Pacific Electric panel insurance necessary?

Having a Federal Pacific Electric panel in your home presents a significant safety hazard, and as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure the well-being of your family and property. These panels have been known to cause electrical fires, which can result in severe damage to your home, and in extreme cases, even be fatal.

In addition, FPE panels are notorious for their tendency to trip circuit breakers or blow fuses, leaving your home vulnerable to power surges and other electrical issues. These issues can cause damage to your appliances, electronics, and other valuable belongings, leading to expensive repair or replacement costs.

Having Federal Pacific Electric panel insurance can protect you and your home in the event of any of these hazards. It provides coverage for damages and losses caused by electrical fires or other electrical malfunctions, giving you peace of mind and financial security.

Obtaining Federal Pacific Electric panel insurance in Cranston, Providence, and Rhode Island

The first step in securing insurance coverage for your FPE panel is to have it inspected by a qualified electrician. At B&K electric, our team of licensed and experienced electricians can thoroughly examine your panel and provide you with an accurate assessment of its condition. If it is determined that your panel poses a safety risk, we can guide you through the process of replacing it with a safer and more reliable option.

Once your panel has been inspected and deemed unsafe, you can then reach out to your insurance provider to inquire about coverage options. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies provide coverage for FPE panels, and those that do may have certain requirements or limitations.

It is essential to work with a reputable and experienced electrician, such as B&K Electric, during this process to ensure the proper documentation and evidence are gathered for your insurance claim. A thorough and accurate inspection of your panel will also help in determining the appropriate insurance coverage for your specific needs.

B&K Electric: Your Trusted Electrician for FPE Panel Services and Insurance

At B&K Electric, we understand the importance of having a reliable and safe electrical system in your home. As a homeowner in Cranston, Providence, or anywhere in Rhode Island, you can trust us to provide you with expert guidance and services for your FPE panel and insurance needs.

Our team of licensed and experienced electricians is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest safety standards and regulations. We are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and superior customer service to all of our clients. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or a new panel installation, B&K Electric is here to help.

Federal Pacific Electric panel insurance is an essential aspect of owning a home with an FPE panel. It not only protects your property and possessions but also provides peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from potential electrical hazards. Work with a reputable and experienced electrician, like B&K Electric, to ensure the safety and well-being of your home and loved ones.


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