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Electric Outlet


As a homeowner in Providence, Rhode Island, it’s important to ensure that your home is safe, efficient, and up-to-date. One of the most essential aspects of a modern home is the electric outlet. These small devices play a crucial role in providing power to all of our appliances, devices, and lighting. But with a myriad of options available in the market today, choosing the right electric outlet for your home can be overwhelming. Fortunately, B&K Electric is here to guide and assist you.

Based in Warwick, Rhode Island, B&K Electric is a family-owned and operated electrical business that has been proudly serving the residents of Cranston, Warwick, and all of Rhode Island for over seventeen years. As a company rooted in community and customer service, we understand the importance of having a functional and safe electrical system in your home. This is why we specialize in electrical repair, panel maintenance, and installation to ensure that your electrical outlets are in top working condition. Make us your go-to electrician for your home or business in the Warwick area and the greater Providence area.

Now, let’s take a closer look at electric outlets and why having a reliable electrician like B&K Electric is crucial for homeowners in Providence, Rhode Island.

Understanding Electric Outlets

Electric outlets, also known as power outlets or receptacles, are devices that provide electrical power to appliances, devices, and lighting fixtures. They consist of an opening on the surface of a wall or furniture where electrical cords can be inserted and connected to an electrical circuit. The cord has two or three prongs that plug into the outlet to complete the electrical connection and provide power.

The standard electric outlet used in the United States is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Type B outlet. This outlet has two vertical slots and a round hole beneath, which is the grounding feature. It is designed to handle a maximum of 20 amps of current and 120 volts. However, there are several variations and types of outlets available in the market, such as GFCI outlets, AFCI outlets, and USB outlets, each with their own unique features and uses.

Safety Precautions for Electric Outlets

While electric outlets are a convenient and necessary part of our daily lives, they also pose potential hazards if not installed or used properly. Faulty or outdated outlets can cause electrical fires, electrocution, and damage to appliances or devices. This is why it is crucial to take safety precautions and regularly inspect and maintain your electric outlets. Here are a few tips to help you ensure the safety of your outlets:

1. Inspect Your Outlets Regularly: It is important to routinely check your outlets for any signs of wear and tear, such as loose-fitting plugs, discoloration, or scorch marks. If you come across any damaged outlets, immediately turn off the power supply and contact a licensed electrician like B&K Electric for repair or replacement.

2. Do not Overload Outlets: Plugging too many appliances into one outlet can overload the circuit and cause electrical fires. Never use extension cords or power strips for large appliances like refrigerators or air conditioners. Spread out your appliances among different outlets or have additional outlets installed to avoid overloading.

3. Install Child-Proof Outlets: If you have young children in your home, it’s important to install child-proof outlets. These outlets have special features that make it difficult for children to insert objects into the slots, minimizing the risk of electrocution.

4. Use Surge Protectors: Electrical surges can cause significant damage to your appliances and outlets. Installing surge protectors can help regulate the amount of electricity flowing to your devices and prevent damage from power surges.

How B&K Electric Can Help

At B&K Electric, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our team of experienced and licensed electricians are trained to properly install and maintain electric outlets in your home. We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your outlets are up-to-date, safe, and efficient. Whether you need an outlet repaired, replaced, or installed, we’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, as a family-owned and operated business, we understand the value of community and customer service. We treat all of our clients with respect, honesty, and integrity, and strive to build long-term relationships with every homeowner we serve. Our affordable pricing and excellent service make us the top choice for electrical needs in the Warwick area and greater Providence area.

Last reflections

Having a reliable and knowledgeable electrician like B&K Electric by your side is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or installation of electric outlets, we are here to help. Trust us to keep your home’s electrical system safe and up-to-date. Contact us today for all your electrical needs in the Providence, Rhode Island area.


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