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Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker Replacement


As a homeowner in the zip code of 02906 in East Providence, Rhode Island, you understand the importance of maintaining and regularly servicing your home. We all want to ensure that our homes are a safe and comfortable haven for ourselves and our families. Having a well-functioning and reliable electrical system is crucial. It not only provides essential power for daily tasks and activities but also keeps us safe from electrical hazards. As such, regular maintenance and proper installation of electrical components, such as circuit breakers, are imperative. And when it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical system, B&K Electric is here to help.

B&K Electric is a family-owned and operated electrical business based in Warwick, Rhode Island. Our company is rooted in community and customer service, and we have been proudly serving the residents of Cranston, Warwick, and all of Rhode Island for over seventeen years. We specialize in electrical repair, panel maintenance, and installation, making us your go-to electrician for all your electrical needs, whether at home or in your business. With our expertise and dedication to providing top-notch services, we have earned the trust and satisfaction of our customers, making us a leading company in the industry.

When it comes to your electrical system, one crucial component that you should pay attention to is your circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is an essential safety device that protects your home from electrical overloads by shutting off the flow of electricity when there is an excessive current. This helps prevent fires and electrical hazards, making it an essential component in any electrical system.

However, many homes in the United States, including those in East Providence, Rhode Island, still have federal pacific circuit breakers installed. These types of breakers were prevalent in homes built between the 1950s and the 1980s due to their affordable cost. However, over the years, they have been found to have significant safety concerns, leading to a recall by the Consumer Products Safety Commission in the early 1980s. Despite this recall, many homes still have these breakers installed, putting them at risk of electrical hazards.

So, as a homeowner in East Providence, Rhode Island, what should you do if you have federal pacific circuit breakers installed in your home? The answer is simple: get them replaced as soon as possible. In this article, we will discuss the importance of federal pacific circuit breaker replacement, the potential hazards of these breakers, and how B&K Electric can help you upgrade to a safer and more reliable electrical system.

Why Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker Replacement is Crucial

As mentioned earlier, federal pacific circuit breakers have been found to have significant safety concerns. Studies have shown that these breakers have a high failure rate, and when they do fail, they fail to trip, causing an overcurrent, which can lead to electrical fires. These breakers also have issues with proper load distribution, meaning they may not be able to handle the amount of electricity needed for a particular circuit, causing them to overheat and potentially catch fire.

Another common issue with federal pacific circuit breakers is that they can easily get corroded due to their design. They have a unique stablok design that makes them more exposed to moisture, leading to faster corrosion. This can cause the breakers to trip more frequently, putting a strain on your electrical system and potentially damaging your appliances and devices.

Furthermore, these breakers have a history of deceitful certification labels. It was discovered that federal pacific circuit breakers were marked with false UL certification labels, which means they were not tested and certified to meet safety standards. This puts your home at risk of electrical hazards that could have been avoided with a proper, certified breaker.

The potential hazards of federal pacific circuit breakers are significant and can lead to devastating consequences. That is why it is crucial to have these breakers replaced as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

The Role of a Licensed Electrician in Circuit Breaker Replacement

At this point, you may be wondering how you can go about replacing your federal pacific circuit breakers. The answer is simple: leave it to the professionals. As a homeowner, you may be tempted to try to replace the breakers yourself, thinking it will save you time and money. However, this is not a task you should attempt on your own.

Licensed electricians, like the ones at B&K Electric, have the necessary expertise and experience to handle circuit breaker replacement safely and efficiently. They know the safety protocols and techniques to ensure that the job is done correctly. They also have the necessary equipment to handle any challenges that may arise during the replacement process.

Moreover, hiring a licensed electrician for your circuit breaker replacement will provide you with additional reassurance and peace of mind. In the event of any issues with your electrical system in the future, you can contact your electrician and have them handle the problem promptly and effectively.

How B&K Electric Can Help with Circuit Breaker Replacement

At B&K Electric, we understand the importance of having a safe and reliable electrical system in your home. That is why we offer comprehensive circuit breaker replacement services to help you upgrade to a safer and more efficient system. Our licensed electricians have the necessary skills and expertise to handle any circuit breaker replacement, regardless of the brand or type.

We will start by conducting a thorough inspection of your electrical system to determine the best course of action. If we find that you have federal pacific circuit breakers, we will recommend their replacement with modern, certified and reliable breakers that meet safety standards.

Our team will then handle the replacement process, ensuring that all safety protocols and techniques are followed to guarantee a safe and efficient installation. We use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure the longevity and reliability of your new circuit breakers. And with over seventeen years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to provide top-notch services that exceed your expectations.

As a homeowner, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. Federal pacific circuit breaker replacement is a necessary step to ensure the safety of your home and family. Don’t risk the potential hazards of these breakers, and trust B&K Electric to provide you with expert services and peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or for any electrical needs.


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