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Federal Pacific Electrical Panel


Located in zip code 02904 in North Providence, Rhode Island, thousands of homes are equipped with Federal Pacific Electrical Panels (FPE). These panels were installed in homes from the 1950s to the 1980s and were known for their affordability and compact design. However, recent years have shed light on potential safety hazards associated with these panels, causing concern for many homeowners in the area.

As a licensed electrician servicing the residential industry, it is our duty to educate and inform homeowners, like yourself, on the potential risks associated with Federal Pacific Electrical Panels. At B&K Electric, we have been proudly serving the residents of North Providence, as well as Cranston, Warwick, and the greater Providence area, for over seventeen years. Our family-owned and operated business is rooted in community and customer service, and we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

It can be easy to overlook or ignore potential hazards in our homes. Many homeowners assume that as long as their lights are working and their appliances are functioning, their electrical system is in good shape. However, the reality is that outdated and faulty electrical panels can put your home and loved ones at risk. In this article, we will delve into the history of Federal Pacific Electrical Panels, the potential dangers associated with them, and why it is crucial for homeowners in North Providence to have their panels inspected and potentially replaced.

The History of Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

Federal Pacific Electric Company, founded in 1926, was a North American manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment. In the mid-1950s, the company introduced their Stab-Lok line of circuit breakers and electrical panels, which quickly became popular due to their compact size and affordability.

These panels were widely installed in homes throughout the United States, and by the late 1960s, were one of the leading manufacturers of circuit breakers. However, concerns began to arise in the 1980s when reports started to surface of these panels failing to trip when overloaded, causing fires. Despite these reports, Federal Pacific continued to produce and sell their Stab-Lok panels until they went out of business in 2003.

Potential Dangers of Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

The primary concern with Federal Pacific Electrical Panels is their failure to trip when overloaded. This means that in the event of an electrical surge or short circuit, the panel will not shut off the electricity, increasing the risk of a fire. This is a significant safety hazard and has been linked to numerous house fires over the years.

Furthermore, the design and construction of these panels have been deemed inadequate and not up to modern safety standards. The Stab-Lok breakers have been found to be difficult to reset and can easily become stuck in the on position, which can also lead to potential fires. Additionally, the connection between the breakers and the panel has been found to be loose and unreliable, making them more prone to overheating and causing electrical problems.

What North Providence Homeowners Need to Know

If your home in North Providence was built between the 1950s and 1980s, there is a chance that it may have a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel installed. As these panels were popular and widely used in that era, it is essential to have your panel inspected by a licensed electrician, like B&K Electric, to determine if it is safe or needs to be replaced.

It is crucial to note that just because your panel has not caused any issues yet, does not mean it is safe. These panels have not been manufactured in over two decades, and as they age, they become more susceptible to failure due to wear and tear.

The process of replacing a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel is not a DIY project. It requires a licensed electrician to ensure that it is done correctly and safely. At B&K Electric, we specialize in electrical panel maintenance and installation and can provide a comprehensive inspection and replacement of your outdated panel to ensure the safety of your home and family.


If you are a homeowner in North Providence, Rhode Island, it is crucial to have your electrical panel inspected by a licensed electrician. The potential hazards associated with Federal Pacific Electrical Panels are not to be taken lightly, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. At B&K Electric, we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in panel maintenance and installation, and we are dedicated to serving our community and providing top-notch customer service.

So don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us today to schedule an inspection of your electrical panel and ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.


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